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December 17, 2008

Snowday DIY

I don't know how many, if any, of you read this from out of state, but for your benefit I'm going to do a little local news for a moment.  It's snowing in Oregon.  A lot.  At least, a lot for us.  In Oregon, especially in the metropolitain areas, snow makes everything stop pretty much instantaneously.  A kid sees a snowflake one minute and the next the freeways are at a dead stop, school is cancelled and old ladies are fighting over the last can of creamed corn at the local grocery store.  My roommate and I have essentially been snowed in since Monday.  That is to say that while we can physically get outside, the busses aren't running by our house because we live on a hill and her poor little car can't take the icy roads.  So we can still walk places (like to the local DairyMart) but anything more than about 10 blocks away (which is just about everything around here) is out of the question.  So what's a girl to do?  I've taken to sewing and Heidi has taken to baking (she's making a cake as we speak).  This is my creation:



It's a T-Shirt a kid on my trip to China screenprinted for everyone who came that I brought in and made into a tank top with a braid of black silk I also got in China.  I wish I had some better detail shots, but unfortunately, my camera died when I was getting to them.  How often will I wear this?  Probably not very, but it kept me occupied for a few hours today (I'm a slow crafter).


Now then, my dining room table is a mess, as demonstrated above, and the DIY bug isn't quite out of my system, so I pose this question to you, dear readers:  I have a whole mess of jersey rosettes and bows of various sizes, I was thinking about reworking another shirt.  What would you do with a whole day with nothing to do and a box of fabric scraps?

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